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How to Make Money as a Betfair Trading Expert Affiliate

  • Banner Adverts - Put a banner on your website and start earning commissions. Simply choose from the banners below.
  • PPC Advertising - Pay Per Click advertising is one of the best ways to make fast cash if you have a product which converts well. Use the correct keywords and get conversions day after day. You will see some PPC Keyword suggestions and PPC Tips further down this page.
  • Email marketing - Do you have an email list of people who enjoy gambling products, simply forward your affiliate link to them with a brief pitch.

How & When Do You Get Paid

You get paid twice per month by Clickbank (who handle our payments), on the 1st & 15th of each month. The default method for payments is via cheque, however direct deposits to your bank account are also an option, simply change your preferences once you've created a Clickbank account.

Go to and register for your FREE account. It doesnt cost anything to sign up at Clickbank and there are no ongoing charges. If you are already a Clickbank user, login and find our product in the marketplace.


How to manually create your affiliate link

Simply replace the "YourClickbankIdHere" with your clickbank usernamehttp://YourClickbankIdHere.bftrading.hop.clickbank.netExampleSo if your clickbank id was "mintyjinty123" then your affiliate link would be


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Easy PPC Ad Tips

  • Make sure that you get your chosen keyword in the title of you advert.
  • Make sure the chosen keyword is also in the body of the advert.
  • Sell the Product in the first line of information in your ad. The second line should then get the viewer to act upon the information.
  • Write 2 adverts - Phrase them slightly differently and see which one performs the best, then ditch the one that didn't do as well.

Email Marketing

Sending out emails to targeted groups is a proven winning strategy.

I've written some emails for you below, which you can use and add your own affiliate links to.

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For a low one-off fee with no recurring payments, you can get access to Matt's incredible winning trading systems and also his daily picks for life. If you want to make money trading the football markets, then this is the product for you, with 4 winning soccer systems on offer.

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The Betfair Trading Expert (Dr Matthew Abraham) has developed 4 winning trading systems to use on Betfair. You do not need to have any sports knowledge as you receive daily emails from Matt explaining exactly which bets to place.
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