Favourite Lays – Now Live

Favourite Lays by BTE subscriber has proved to be an excellent horse laying system for Betfair as Darren contributed winning bet after winning bet during the trial.  In fact of the 31 bets, there were 28 winners for a strike rate of over 90%.  With average lay odds of under 5.00 also, it meant that you're not generally risking lots of money on the bets also, so the risk v reward ratio is very good.

There is more information available for you on the full Favourite Lays review if you want some more in-depth analysis, but just to give you a flavour of ow Favourite Lays performed, here is the profit you would have made in month 1 depending on which stakes you normally use.

£5 Stakes = £67.40 profit

£10 Stakes = £134.80 profit

£20 Stakes = £269.60 profit

£50 Stakes = £674.00 profit

£100 Stakes = £1348.00 profit

There are 20 subscriptions available at a discounted rate and once they have gone, they have gone, the Paypal subscription will then go up to the full monthly rate



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