Favourite Lays Redux – Day 4

Favourite Lays is brought to you by BTE subscriber Philip and they are based on straight lays.  All results will be shown at Betfair Starting Price and if the BSP is above the reommended maximum of 4.00 , then it will be a no bet

All bets in this review are at £100 per point bets

Use no more than 2.5% of your bankroll

Start Bankroll on 19/11/11 = £0

Opening Bankroll @ 22/11/11 = +£380.00

Do not lay over 4.0 Betfair SP

Monday 21 November 2011:

3:10  Southwell         C P Joe = No Bet

Bankroll Carried Forward = +£380.00

Result for Day 4 = nil

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