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Now anyone who knows anything worth knowing about betting and trading horses on Betfair should be fully aware of Jonathan Burgess.

Jonathan Burgess is an accredited Betfair Trainer and has written a series of hints and tips on the official Betfair blog, giving further credence to his ability, knowledge and reliability.

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Jonathan first came to prominence when he released the hugely successful ebook "False Favourites", which is probably one of the most in-depth Betfair ebooks available, weighing in at over 200 pages of superb information

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Well The Winning Approach is in the same vein, it is jam-packed full of information, which will really help you to profit from horse racing on Betfair.  There are 4 tips currently available for free on his website and there is also a free horse racing system available.  To claim your free gifts and to find out more about Jonathan, simple click one of the links in this email

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