Germany vs England

The trades for Saturday have been sent out this morning and there are 11 trades in total, which is enough to keep everybody busy and hopefully profitable on a Saturday afternoon.  This post is entitled Germany vs England for the simple reason that the majority of trades today revolve around those two leagues, with 4 picks coming from the Bundesligas in Germany and 5 from the top 2 divisions in England, the other two trades are from Portugal and Holland.

It's a lot of matches, but I believe that the matches today offer some good value as the odds are fairly low risk from a trading point of view.

The blog is undergoing some changes over the coming week and a new resource is to be put in place which will allow members of Betfair Trading Expert to log into the blog to get their picks.  The daily email selections will still be sent out, but it's another avenue in case you can't access your picks for any reason.  I'll be back with some more details later on

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