Glorious Goals – Day 52

Glorious Goals System is brought to you by BTE subscriber James who has devised a system centred around laying the 0-0 half-time scoreline.  James has certain filters that he use to select eligible picks and these will form part of the review.

All bets in this review are at £100 per point bets and take Betfair commission at 5% into account.

Start Bankroll on 25/8/12 = £0

Opening Bankroll @ 21/10/12 = -£542.00

Firstly apologies for the brevity of the selection email, it was sent from my phone, still it is the result that matters and an early goal meant a very profitable weekend. We are getting a nice little run going at the moment, as I previously said with the season now out of its infancy it gives me a lot more data to play with

Sunderland v Newcastle KO 13.00 odds 3 - WIN £95

Bankroll Carried Forward = -£447.00

Result for Day = +£95.00

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