Goal Profits – Day 6

Goal Profits is brought to you by BTE subscriber Steve and his system is for laying the draw in football matches, with no trading out, it's just a straight bet.

All bets in this review are at £100 per point bets

Use no more than 5% of your bankroll

Round up of yesterday

Portuguesa v Americana - 0-0 - Portuguesa have been scoring over 3 goals per game at home this season and have scored in each of their last 11 league games at home. They battered Americana with 17 corners but just couldn't force a goal in. Very disappointing.

Start Bankroll on 22/7/11 = £0

Opening Bankroll @ 27/7/11 = -£535.00

Picks for Wednesday 27th July:-
11.30pm Brazil Campeonato - Botafogo v Avai - 4.20 = Won £95
11.30pm Brazil Campeonato - Gremio v America MG - 4.70 = Lost £370

Bankroll Carried Forward = -£810.00

Result for Day 6 = -£275.00

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