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If you're ever looking for live scores on tennis matches, then it can sometimes be a little difficult to find matches if it's an obscure game, but with all of the websites below a your disposal you will definitely be able to find the score so that you can track how your bet is getting on.

ATP World Tour
The official score centre of the men's ATP tour, this is an excellent resource for live scores as well as pre-match research as it gives you all manner of useful statistics which can be used to your benefit.  Simply click "Live Scores" at the top of the screen in the middle.  Surprisingly it also displays women's results within the live scores module.

Bet365 (Account Required)
For the big games, I find this a much better scoreboard as the refresh rates tend to be a bit quicker than the ATP website, but it can be a little laggy for some matches.  The ATP and WTA are catered for and you will be able to get all of your favourite players games on here.

Flash Score
A simple, long list style of scores rather than a point-by-point score centre.  Very good and fairly quick to update, if it's being played, it'll be on here

Scores Pro
Very similar to flash scores, but it's always good to have back up plan, so once again, if there's a tennis game being played, it will also be on here

WTA Tennis
The official website of the Women's Tennis Association, uses the same live scores module as the ATP website, but if you're after statistics on players in the WTA, then the main website is an excellent resource

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