Pete’s Picks Apologies

Just a quick post to apologise to followers of Pete's Picks.  When I have been recording the horse bets, I have been recording the bets as £100 each way, therefore if a horse has not placed it's been put down as a £200 loss.

Pete contacted me this afternoon because he was concerned that I was showing his picks as being far worse than they are.  I looked back at his initial email to me and the horses his advice was that the horses should be bet on the Betfair place market.

My brain has played a Jedi mind trick on me and I've obviously started putting down traditional each way results when I was setting everyone's picks up.

Long story short......If you bet Pete's picks for horses, it is a single unit stake on the place market

The results have been amended to reflect this and Pete's Picks is in profit by £68 at the start of today.  This is not me messing around with his results to make them look better, this is me making a genuine mistake and then correcting it

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