Pete’s Picks – Picks & Results – Day 1

Pete is a Canadian BTE subscriber, so you can expect some stateside action from this trial.  Bet365 and Betfair are just about the best two places to place US sports bets in the UK/EU.

This review will start off with £100 bets per bet (2.5% of bankroll)

Use no more than 2.5% of your bankroll

Odds shown are from Bet365

Opening Bankroll @ 2/6/11 = £0.00

Major League Baseball (MLB)

1 point on Cleveland to Win (1.83) - Texas @ Cleveland = Lost £100

2 points on St Louis to Win (1.80) - San Francisco @ St Louis= Lost £200


National Basketball Association (NBA)

1 point on Miami Heat to cover -4.50 spread (1.90)= Lost £100

Miami Heat v Dallas Mavericks

Bankroll Carried Forward = -£400.00

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