Sporting Winners – Final Summary

An excellent trial from Lee with some superb results along the way, with the trial finishing with a profit of £1345.75 from betting on sports markets with great value.  Before I get onto my analysis, here's a little bit of information about Lee.  Through my discussions with Lee during the trial, I fully expected this to go well as he said that he has made 5 figure profits during each of the past 3 years from the bets that he places.  He is not a full-time sports bettor, as he has a wife and two small children so finds his employment reassuring, but his success has allowed him to drop Fridays at work so that he can get more research in for weekend betting.  Lee's speciality is football and is confident of another excellent season in 2011/2012.

Lee made a profit of over 13 points, which at our £100 stakes worked out at £1345.75, now let's assume that you had placed £5 stakes on each tip, you would have made £67.29 profit over the course of the month.

Stakes          Profit
£ 5.00           £67.29
£ 10.00        £134.58
£ 20.00        £269.15
£ 50.00        £672.88
£ 100.00      £1,345.75

In total there were 58 bets, returning an average profit per day of £44.86.  The best part about this service has been the odds, the average odds were 2.47 which is excellent.  I have seen so many tipping services giving picks out with odds around 1.50 and you're just on a hiding to nothing with those as the strike-rate needs to be vastly higher than the strike-rate Lee needs to achieve with his picks.

Tennis - There were 24 tennis bets which yielded a profit of £84.25, although Lee was unfortunate to miss out on a few hundred pounds of profit when 3 tennis players retured during matches, when the matches were going exactly as per the tips, but this is what sports betting can be like.

Cricket - Just the one bet and it lost as England comprehensively trounced Sri Lank in a rain delayed (surprise surprise) match

Football - As Lee told me, this is his speciality and it certainly showed with a profit of £1361.50 being returned from his football tips across 33 bets

Excellent Sports Tips

My Opinion

I think that Lee's betting tips would be a welcome addition to anyone's betting portfolio, the picks are obviously well thought out and I am more than happy for Lee to offer his service through the Betfair Trading Expert site.

The charge is £17 for the first month, £22 for month 2 and then £27 for each month after that.  You can cancel your subscription at any point.

Picks begin on Sunday 3rd July 2011, after signing up you will be added to the dedicated Sporting Winners picks email


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