Subscriber Picks Round-up 14/6/11

Thanks to the eagle-eyed readers of the newsletter who noticed that I didn't update the individual results in the newsletter today.  Just for clarification the systems performed as follows yesterday

Phil's Tips
A profit of £605.00 based on £100 stakes, take Phil to +£2107.00 overall

Pete's Picks
A mixed bag for Pete with lots of horse bets and a couple of baseball picks, leaving Pete with a loss of £344 on the day and -£1475.00 overall

Sporting Winners
A superb day for Lee P, saw him make £265.00 and move onto +£1396.50 overall

Lay Meister
No bets yesterday leave Mark on +£35.00 overall

Frank's Footy Lays
No bets yesterday leave Frank on -£373.00 overall

Bet Goal
1 winner & 1 loser yesterday saw Jody gain £20 and move to -£1095.00 overall

The Morph
No bets yesterday leave Paul on +£77.00 overall

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