The Morph – Final Summary

An excellent trial for Paul and his horse racing picks.  There were 20 picks in total, so not quite one a day, but I'd rather be having quality than quantity as it's no good betting for the sake of betting.

Paul is from Manchester and spends a large part of his week thinking and reading about horse races and I think that level commitment showed through in the picks and results he obtained throughout the trial with a profit of over 10 points, which is an excellent amount to add into anybody's betting portfolio and bankroll

The average odds of the horses over the review period were 5.12, which shows that there is certainly excellent value in the picks.

A spreadsheet showing all of the picks is here.

My Opinion

I found Paul great to deal with and I genuinely believe that this service will go from strength to strength.  A welcome addition to you portfolio for a low monthly fee (easily recouped through the tips)

If you were betting at the following stakes, here is how you would have done

£5 stakes = +£53.65
£10 stakes = +£100.73
£20 stakes = +£214.60
£50 stakes = +£536.50
£100 stakes = +£1073.00

Sign-up for only £17 for your first month, all subsequent months will be £22, so this promises to be the best value horse racing tipping service around.  You can cancel your subscription at any point you wish from within your Paypal account.

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