Where were the goals

I actually agonised about including the Tottenham v AC Milan game as a pick today, because even through all the statistics and form pointed towards a feast of goals, my own knowledge and intuition was telling me that a cagey European night could unfold.  Whilst the game has hardly been boring, it is now at the 80th minute stage and Spurs are more than happy to see this one out and wasting as much time as possible whenever possible.

It may not finish 0-0 by the time this post has gone live, but I am very annoyed with myself for including it as a pick, I was perhaps a little overzealous and possibly overconfident given our recent good run.  I'm starting to review tomorrow's games now and I'll be sure not to include any games which I think are dangerous.

The joys of trading, let's hope this weekend is as good as the last one

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